Vet Placement & Work Experience

No matter how big or small, all of your beloved animals are welcome at Snowy Vets, where we guarantee the highest level of care for those you love most. We offer a wide range of services that cover everything you and your animals may need.

We’re there at the start of your pet’s life with ultrasound services, and we’re there at the end with senior and ‘end of life’ care.

The staff at both hospitals are highly trained and deeply motivated by the privilege of caring for animals. You can be secure in the knowledge that your beloved pet is in the very best of hands and you can rest assured that we will be available in your hour of need.


From your dogs very first moment we provide a wide variety of recommendations and services to keep you all happy and healthy.


We understanding getting your feline friend to the vet isn’t always easy, that’s why we try and make each visit as ‘stress free’ as possible.


From Health Assessments to emergency colics and newborn foal care. We will be here, partners in your horses health.


We are here to help care for you rabbit. Prevention is the best medicine. That’s we why we offer Calici Virus Vaccines twice a year.

Other Pets

No matter how small or not so fluffy your friend is, we are here to help. Offering physical examinations when you need it most.


We offer on farm services for your not so small animals. Servicing the whole Snowy Monaro Region whether you need herd checks or emergecy care.

Can’t find the animal you are after?

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