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Our aim is to help you maintain a happy, healthy horse free from diseases. The best we can do this is by providing a Health Assessments for your Horse.

What are the benefits of a Health Assessment –

A health assessment will be completed by one of our fully qualified Veterinarians. We will be assessing the overall physical health of your Horse. This gives us the ability to pick up signs of disease early allowing you to prevent and better manage your horse’s health.

What else is included in a Health Assessment –
  • You will be able to discuss any concerns you may have relating to your horses health.
  • Basic Nutritional information and guidance.
  • Faecal Egg Count (FEC) – This is the best way to know when to worm your horse. Offered at a discounted price as part of the Health Assessment.
  • Vaccinations and Worming – No extra charge for administration, we will only charge the cost of the product. This means you don’t have to worry when and if they were done. We will even remind you when they are next due!
Benefits of having a Health Assessment done –
  • You get to build a relationship with our Vets. This means dispensing prescription medication when you need it becomes easier for you. The rule – A vet needs to have been on property in the last 12 months and have a working relationship with the owner.
  • Prevention is the best medicine
  • Identifying issues earlier on means more efficient treatment for your horse.
  • Education – to help you further your knowledge and to be able to identify issues as they arise.

To book a Health Assessment for your Horse give us a call: Cooma – 6455 7800 Jindabyne – 6455 7888
We look forward to helping you maintain a happy, healthy horse.

Our Equine Services

  • Emergency care for wounds, choke, colics including IV FLuid therapy, eyes and laminitis
  • Consultations for chronic conditions such as arthritis, Cushing’s disease, weight management and lameness 
  • In house diagnostic services such as radiology (limited to limbs only), ultrasonography and laboratory
  • Reproductive services including AI of fresh and chilled semen, estrous cycling, pregnancy scanning and management
  • Newborn foal check including IgG field testing, ALD management and dystocias
  • In house blood testing available including CBC, chemistry and FEC
  • Fully equipped equine facility including two stables for intensive care, purposely built reproductive crush, yard facilities and overnight boarding available

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Our Standards of Care

Dentistry and Health Check

We recommend that all horses have a routine dentistry examination and floating of the teeth performed once a year. 
If performed by a veterinarian, this visit can also be part of an excellent health check regime in which other health issues in your horse can be identified and managed. 

  • All horses with no known vaccination history should be protected with an initial course of two injections, a month apart
  • A booster should be given a year after the initial course
  • Thereafter tetanus toxoid vaccines should be used once every 5 years.
  • Generally not required for most horses in the region             BUT
  • Recommended for horses that travel from the district           OR
  • Horses that participate in local events to which horses from other regions have traveled

Our preferred recommendation is that horses have their feces tested once every 2 months, and worming performed only when required as confirmed by a faecal egg count (FEC).

Where FECs have not been performed, horses should be wormed once every 2 months with product rotation as directed by our worming product chart.

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