What is Cytopoint? 

  • An injection for the control of allergies in dogs. 
  • A biological medication – made up of proteins not chemicals. As such does not pressure the liver or kidneys 
  • Can be used with all other medications and in dogs with concurrent illness. 
  • Designed for monthly injection to relieve itching associated with allergies 

How does it Work?

It works like your pets own immune system and blocks the signals that trigger an allergic itch.

When will my dog need an injection?
We recommend that your dog receives and initial treatment of two injections 4wks apart.  After this we ask you to track your dogs progress with the itch chart below. When they start to itch again book an appointment. 

Some dogs will require 4wkly injections; others however may have a longer time period between injections.

WEEK 1: Rate your dogs itch every day and record using the rating system.
WEEKS 2-8: Rate your dogs allergic itch ONCE weekly. 

Use a dot to record your findings, this will allow you and your veterinarian to “connect the dots” and assess your pets progress.

Download your copy here – Cytopoint Tracker

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