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Updated July 2021

Associate Veterinarian position


Start or restart your career with us.

Have you felt like you can’t trust a team you have worked with before? Our team builds trust everyday through our positive approach to learning, feedback and conflict.

It’s frustrating when you don’t feel heard. Our crew will always listen to your ideas and perspectives.

When you start, you’ll find it refreshing when we back your professional development direction and check in regularly. And when you kick a goal, we’ll cheer you on. 

Our clinics are located at Cooma and Jindabyne, in the spectacular Snowy Mountains of NSW which means that you can hit the MTB trails, ride your horse or shred the powder at the ski fields. It’s all in your backyard. Our staff are able to balance their time between work and down time (or play!) regardless of the season. 

Working at Snowy Vets is an absolute pleasure. The clinic is purpose built and designed with sustainable principles with the well being of human and animal inhabitants and good workflow in mind. 

Have you ever been expected to squeeze in too many patients in a day then running yourself ragged? When you start, you’ll be presented with a realistic scheduling system and a rotational after hours plan so that we can help you manage your energy levels.

We have a wonderful client base- we make sure we foster mutually beneficial and healthy relationships with them so you can love the people and the pets!

Snowy Vets recently underwent ASAV Hospital of Excellence Inspection and was successful, a reflection of our emphasis on the high standard of medicine we practice. We are also a Lincoln employer of choice, a testament to the high standards we uphold for our employees. 


To begin the unique process of becoming a Snowy Vet, please email your expression of interest to cath@snowyvets

Employee Testimonials

We truly have a majority of  lovely clientele with the many being able and willing to pursue further diagnostics as needed. Many understand that a vet is there to help keep their pets healthy rather than just when their animal is unwell. 

Being a truly mixed practice you will get the opportunity to work with a large variety of species. It is close enough to Canberra to refer complicated cases but far enough away that a portion of clients will want you to do your best and give it a go if you are willing.

This practice encourages you to pursue your interests and support is provided for further education in your area of interest with generous CPD support. 

The team currently has a diverse range of interests and there is always someone available through group chats, in person or on the other end of the phone to discuss cases day or night. The weekly vet meetings happen about 95% of the time which is pretty great for our industry and everyone approaches new information with an open mind.

I have worked at Snowy Vets for almost five years now after moving to the region from coastal QLD and love the area and the variety of activities and relaxation options it offers for life outside work. The coast is close enough for a day trip to the beach or lake Jindabyne is a great place to walk in the sand or swim in summer. Canberra is close enough for travel out of the area to be relatively easy or to experience the city life. The mountains and surrounding countryside have too many activities to list and stunning scenery year round.

Dr Serena Sabourin


I recently worked at Snowy Vets for 2.5 years, and I only left because I moved to the South Coast to be closer to my partner. If it were not for him, I would still be loving life at Snowy Vets! The Snowy Mountains are a really fun place to live with so many outdoors activities. Obviously skiing/snowboarding in Winter but also there are many hiking/biking/horse riding adventures to be had within 10 km of either Cooma or Jindabyne. There is a unique team culture at Snowy Vets and everyone is encouraged to be the best version of the themselves that they can be, everyone’s unique strengths and personalities are acknowledged and supported. You are lucky at Snowy Vets to be able to offer a very high standard of care This is not only because of the well-equipped hospital and experienced team, but also because most of the Snowy Vets clientele also want the best for their pets and are eager to follow the gold-standard options. It is truly a wonderful workplace, and I recommend any vet including a new graduate to apply for any position that becomes available. 

Dr Kai Goyen

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