Other Pets

Other Pets

Snowy Vets proudly provides veterinary care for all animals of our region, including our smallest “pocket pets” and avian companions.

Families and children especially can share an amazing bond with these less common pets. 

We regularly see many different species such as rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, rats, mice, reptiles and all forms of birds – from humble garden chooks to beautiful parrots and budgerigars. 

We are also commonly called upon to help with the health and rehabilitation of native wildlife, from kangaroos and wombats to wedge-tailed eagles and boobook owls. 

We provide most services for these little companions in our hospitals, but also have a good working relationship with referral experts in Canberra and beyond to help us with any more complicated medical or surgical issues.

We know these pets can become a greatly loved part of any family, and have much to teach us about compassion, care and love. 

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