Home Made Recipe for Pets

Many pet owners are leaning towards homemade diets for their furry companions.

Besides the fact you could potentially save money, a homemade diet can be healthier for your pet and surprisingly easy. Don’t worry, it will taste good too!

One of our vets has put together a document for a homemade recipe. It runs through all the ingredients and amounts required for a wholesome diet. If you are curious as to WHY homemade is beneficial for your pet. Here it is, straight from the horses (i mean vets) mouth.

It is my firm belief that a fresh, unprocessed, protein-based diet is the optimum way to feed our domestic dogs. They are a carnivorous species, and as such are generally very well adapted to diets high in protein. The advantages of unprocessed foods come through a slowing of the digestive process, which leads to less metabolic demands. This has been shown to promote weight loss, as well as reduce the tendency to many common diseases such as arthritis, diabetes and cancer. This homemade recipe has a hypoallergenic version. Indicated for use in some animals with chronic, allergic skin or gastrointestinal disease, and in patients with auto-immune disease.

Like any diet — some individuals may require alterations to the make-up or quantity of this diet to optimise their response. Please keep in contact with your veterinarian about your animal’s progress on these home cooked diets.

Also — think about HOW you feed your dog. The “hunt” can stimulate digestive enzymes, so simulating this using treat balls or paper packets to destroy before they get their food can improve not only digestion but mental stimulation as well. So are you ready to give it a go?

Here it is, Our homemade diet for dogs.

Have a cat? Check out our homemade recipe for cats here.

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