Parvovirus — What is it?

You have probably been vaccinating your pets annually or tri-annually, but do you know what diseases are you actually preventing with these vaccinations? One disease that is covered by the vaccinations is Parvovirus, which is a small non-enveloped DNA virus. In other words — It is a highly infectious virus that attacks the gastrointestinal tract […]

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Snakes and Pets

Many of us have seen a snake or two over the years, but have you ever picked one up (we do NOT recommend you try this!) and counted the scales in the mid dorsal, anal, tail and upper and lower labial region or noted the presence of a loreal scale? If you haven’t examined a snake closely […]

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How is it spread?The Heartworm larvae is spread by mosquito bites. If a mosquito sucks blood from an infected animal and then feeds from your dog or cat, it may become infected. Why is it dangerous?Heartworms interrupt blood flow and can cause congestive heart failure (CHF), or sudden death. Heartworm disease is difficult to treat […]

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