Update 2022

Important Update 2022

Due to the current circumstances we may have to make some changes so we can continue to provide the best care for the pets in the Snowy Monaro region. As you are aware, we are the only emergency clinic between Bega & Canberra meaning that our hospitals are often full of unwell patients requiring our care.  

Now more than ever before, COVID-19 is stretching veterinary services to breaking point. We know that there are around 125,000 doctors to look after almost 26 million Australians, compared to only 13,500 vets to look after the 30.4 million pets – let alone all the other animals that vets look after.  

Our values remain the same: Animal Welfare, Client Care and Wellbeing. The wellbeing of your pets is our highest priority. We want to keep our Clients informed and aware of what we are experiencing, so that we can work together to take the best care of your pet. 

Things you need to know 

Wait times

Our schedules are heavily booked (at least 3 weeks in advance) this means it may take some time for us to get your pet booked in routine visits. If your pet is unwell please do not wait to call us. The sooner you reach out the sooner we can get your pet seen. 

Please be patient with our staff, you may have to wait a little longer than usual for an answer, whether that is on the phone or in clinic. We can assure you, the team is doing the best they can to meet your needs. 


If you have booked a wellness appointment (vaccination, health check or desexing) and an emergency arises we may ask you to wait or need to reschedule your appointment. Please understand that animal welfare is our top priority and we will always triage appropriately. Remember we would do the same for you if your pet was unwell. 

Cancellation Policy

We understand that there may be times where you are unable to attend your appointment. We are experiencing very busy days and these can result in us being booked out and having to turn some patients away. We ask that you please cancel your appointment in a timely manner. This will avoid impacting the health of other pets who need to be seen. Please refer to our cancelation policy for more info https://snowyvets.com.au/services/cancelation-policy/

If you are unwell

To keep everyone as safe as possible and so we can continue to provide a service we ask that if you are unwell to please stay home. If you have any symptoms or are currently awaiting results of a COVID-19 test to stay home and notify us. 

If you have a pet that needs urgent treatment and you do not have anyone else to bring your pet in, please notify us as soon as possible so we can make arrangements, where possible.

Our Staffing

At this point in time we have less vets available. Almost half as many as we did a year ago who provide care for the same, if not a larger number of pets.  This has put a strain on our wait times and our availability for non-urgent appointments. We ask that you please be patient and kind to our staff, they truly are doing their best in an extremely challenging time.

With your understanding and cooperation, we can continue to offer your pet, and many others, the benefits of experienced, thorough and kind medical care.

What you can do to help

Global pandemic or not, your veterinarian is always aiming to provide the best health treatment for all the pets in their care. Reduced veterinary capacity has necessitated careful prioritisation of pet medical needs, with ill or urgent cases being attended to first, and non-urgent procedures, consultations or medication requests being completed later.

The most important ways you can help your veterinary clinic during this busy time are:

  • Phone to book advance appointments for non-urgent veterinary care.
  • Try to be patient with and appreciative of your veterinary team – vets are already under high stress, and the extra workload of the COVID-19 pandemic has only heightened this.
  • Request prescription medication refills 7-10 working days prior to your pet running out – this gives the clinic time to process requests (which require veterinary review and approval), and order in the medication.

For more info about the veterinary industry click here.

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